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Drive Pins

Drive Pin

Also known as:  

Hammer Drive Pins

Designed for light duty, static load applications where holding strength is not an important factor, Drive Pins permanently attach fixtures to concrete and certain types of concrete block. They are installed using a standard hand tool (do not use a powder actuated tool with these pins). A steel washer near the point retains the pin in the installation tool and guides it during the driving operation. Do not use overhead.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
AN142-0252 1/4 Hd Dia x 3/4" Drive Pin
AN142-2252 1/4 Hd Dia x 1" Drive Pin
AN142-4262 1/4 Hd Dia x 1 1/4" Drive Pin
AN142-6262 1/4 Hd Dia x 1 1/2" Drive Pin
AN122-2743 1/4 Hd Dia x 2 1/4" Drive Pin