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DIN 94 Extended Prong Cotter Pins

DIN 94 Extended Prong Cotter Pin

DIN 94 Extended Prong Cotter Pins are split pins manufactured from half-round wire. One prong is longer than the other to make prong separation easier while chisel points aid during installation. Cotter pins are inserted in holes drilled in bolts, pins and shafts and function as a low-cost safety locking device or as a way to lock components of an assembly in position; once inserted the pin is fastened by spreading its prongs. They are commonly mated with clevis pins and castle/slotted nuts. Reuse is generally discouraged because the prongs can fracture at the bend points. Select from zinc plated and stainless steel. Use a cotter pin extractor to easily remove cotter pins. Cotter pin length is measured from under the eye (head) to the tip of the short prong. DIN 94 Extended Prong Cotter Pins are similar to ISO 1234.




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Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
PBJ708-680 M13 x 90 mm Extended Prong Cotter Pin DIN 94, Zinc Plated
PBJ708-690 M13 x 100 mm Extended Prong Cotter Pin DIN 94, Zinc Plated
PBJ708-695 M13 x 125 mm Extended Prong Cotter Pin DIN 94, Zinc Plated
PBJ708-698 M13 x 140 mm Extended Prong Cotter Pin DIN 94, Zinc Plated
PBJ719-706 M16 x 180 mm Extended Prong Cotter Pin DIN 94, Zinc Plated

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