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DIN 6798 A External Serrated Lock Washers

DIN 6798 A External Serrated Lock Washer

DIN 6798 A External Serrated Lock Washers rely upon serrations, formed from twisted tabs around the washer's outside circumference, to resist loosening. To ensure the prongs contact the head and mating surface, use with large diameter heads like pan. Having the prongs around the perimeter provides greater twisting resistance. Spring steel with a phosphate finish and zinc plated, and stainless steel are available. Washer size indicates nominal size and should be selected to match the screw size (M6 washers are used with M6 screws for instance). They are sometimes referred to as DIN 6798 Type A.




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Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
WHE756-500 M24 External Tooth Serrated Lock Washer DIN 6798A, A4 Stainless Steel

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