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Lashing Cable Ties

Lashing Cable Tie

Also known as:  

Lashing Ties, Cable Ties, Tie Wraps, Wire Ties, Zip Ties

Lashing cable ties look and function like standard cable ties but they are heavy duty and extra-long—up to 48" long. Because of their length, they are used to "lash" (tie) large objects, which makes them popular in HVAC and other oversized applications. Black ties are considered "weatherable"; choose a UV Stabilized cable tie if resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is needed. Width is the approximate width of the band and length is the approximate end-to-end length. Same-width lashing cable ties can be connected end-to-end to extend length.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
EL151-5942 5/16" W x 15" L Lashing Cable Tie 120 lbs, Black
EL151-2942 11/32" W x 25" L Lashing Cable Tie 175 lbs, Black
EL151-3942 11/32" W x 37" L Lashing Cable Tie 175 lbs, Black
EL103-8293 11/32" W x 48" L Lashing Cable Tie 175 lbs, Natural