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Acoustical Eye Lag Screws, Zinc Plated

Acoustical Eye Lag Screw

Also known as:  

Acoustical Lag Bolts, Acoustical Lag Anchors, Flat Hanger Screws, Spade Lag Screws

Acoustical Lag Screws have sharp points, wood screw threads and a hole on the flat end. They can be driven with a driver tool, or installed using an adjustable wrench or pliers. They are ideal for tie-down and tie-wire applications. Commonly found in suspended ceiling installations, they can also be used for wire guiding and hanging pipe, fixtures and more.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
SC172-2242 1/4 x 3" Acoustical Eye Lag Screw, Zinc Plated
SC172-5252 1/4 x 4" Acoustical Eye Lag Screw, Zinc Plated