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Hair Pin Cotters, Stainless Steel

Hair Pin Cotter

Also known as:  

Hairpin Cotters, Hair Pin Cotter Pins, Bridge Pins, Hitch Pin Clips, R Clips, R Pins

Their spring qualities make Hair Pin Cotters perfect in applications requiring quick assembly and disassembly. Loosely resembling the letter "R" and made of spring wire, they are commonly used with Clevis Pins (see separate listing). Hair Pin Cotter size is specified as Shaft Diameter (Minimum-Maximum) x Wire Diameter x Overall Length. Sorted by Wire Diameter and Length.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
PN190-2342 1/4-1/2 x 0.062 Dia x 1 5/16" Lng Hair Pin Cotter, Stainless Steel (222)
PN132-9623 5/8-7/8 x 0.125 Dia x 2 1/2" Lng Hair Pin Cotter, Stainless Steel (227)