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Metric T-Handle Hex Key Sets, Eklind

Metric Hex Key T-Handle Set, Eklind

Also known as:  

Hexagon Key, Hex Wrench, Allen Key, Allen Wrench

"L" shaped hex keys, available in short and long arm versions, are used with Hex Socket, Button and Flat Head Cap Screws and Hex Set Screws. Ball End Hex Keys have ball and standard arms: the long ball arm can be used at angles up to 30 degrees, but when maximum torque is required, use the non-ball short arm. T-Handle Hex keys are preferred when maximum driving power is needed or when "L" hex keys can't be used because of obstructions. Hex Bits are used with power drivers. Torx keys are similar to hex keys, but grooves in the key mate with teeth in the screw head to prevent slipping. Hex keys and Torx keys are not interchangeable. Available in inch and metric sizes. See our Metric Fastener Reference Charts.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
TL171-5642 2 - 10 mm Metric Standard Grip T-Handle Hex Key Set with Pouch, 8 Keys, 6" Arm Length, Eklind (35168)
MTL187-4182 2 - 10 mm Metric Standard Grip T-Handle Hex Key Set with Stand, 8 Keys, 9" Arm Length, Eklind (36198)