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Wire Rope Clips, Stainless Steel

Wire Rope Clip

Wire Rope Clips are commonly used to create loops at wire rope ends and whenever wire rope needs to be clamped. Wire Rope Thimbles are used with wire rope to distribute the load weight over a larger area and to protect the wire rope from abrading on sharp radius edges when looped. In order to provide maximum holding power, wire rope clips must be properly sized and installed. The rope size (diameter) and the size of the clip should be carefully matched. The number of clips required, the nut tightening torque and the length of wire rope turnback on which to install the clips are all dictated by the wire rope size. U-bolt sections should be installed on the short ("dead") end of the wire rope while the saddles contact the long ("live") end. Install one clip near the end of the "dead" end and another as close to the thimble as possible. Additional clips should be spaced equally between these two. Note that wire rope clips are not rated—the working load limit is determined by the wire rope. All assemblies should be tested to ensure they meet strength requirements prior to use. Caution: Because wire rope clips cannot properly grip plastic-coated wire rope, completely remove the coating where the U-bolt and saddle contact the wire rope.
      Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips are for use in heavy duty applications.
      Malleable Wire Rope Clips have a steel U-bolt and a malleable iron saddle. They offer an economical alternative for non-critical applications like fences. Caution: Never use them for overhead lifting.
      Wire Rope Thimbles are designed to protect wire rope from damage. When used with wire rope clips or compression sleeves at loop ends, thimbles serve to evenly distribute the load and protect against abrasion, thus increasing life of the cable.

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HR151-4812 1/8" Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel
HR131-1872 1/4" Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel
HR152-3853 5/16" Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel
HR142-1613 1/2" Wire Rope Clip, Stainless Steel