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Drop Forged Safety Chain Shackles, Galvanized

Shackles consist of two pieces: a "bow," which is its U-shaped body, and an accompanying pin. They are often used to make temporary connections to wire rope and chain. Anchor Shackles have a large bow so they can easily accommodate multiple attachments. The flat elongated bow of Chain Shackles—also called D Shackles—reduces rigging line movement, which reduces shackle wear.

Types of Pins

  • No tools are needed to install Screw Pins, making them popular in situations where attachments or the shackle itself is frequently changed. Screw Pins should not be subjected to rotational forces or vibration that could loosen the pin.
  • Safety Pins can be used for overhead lifting because the round pin is secured by a nut and cotter pin. Also called BNC (Bolt, Nut and Cotter), they are used in semi-permanent applications.
  • Round Pins, also called loose pins, are used in semi-permanent installations. The pin is secured using a cotter pin.

Important Warnings

  • Use only alloy steel shackles with chain when lifting overhead.
  • Do not substitute the pin or bolt because the shackle's integrity could be compromised.
  • Always avoid shock and impact loads.
  • Before using, check for proper pin engagement and inspect for damage and wear.
  • Working load limits are specified as straight vertical tension only—do not side load.
  • Additional attachments decrease the working load limit.

Shackle size refers to the diameter of the body material; the diameter of the pin is usually 1/16" larger than the body for 7/16" and smaller shackles, and 1/8" larger for 1/2" and larger shackles.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
HR167-7712 5/8" Drop Forged Safety Chain Shackle, Galvanized
HR167-8712 3/4" Drop Forged Safety Chain Shackle, Galvanized