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S Hooks, Zinc Plated

S Hook

Also known as:  

Clevis Grab Hooks, Clevis Slip Hooks, Fixture Hooks, Grab Hooks, Safety Hooks, S Hooks, Slip Hooks

Grab Hooks securely hold chains because they have a narrow opening. They are excellent for looping chain around a load to create a choker hold.
      A wide opening in the "throat" of Slip Hooks allows chain to slide through and tighten around a load. They are ideal for securing or pulling loads. Caution: Slip Hooks are not to be used for overhead lifting with chain. If used with wire rope, be sure that the eye's diameter accepts the wire rope thimble.
      Using the clevis pin, attach Clevis style hooks to chain links and other closed-end attachments.
      Attach Eye style hooks to wire rope and other open-end components like shackles.
      S Hooks are wire shaped in the form of an "S." They should not be used for lifting purposes. Size is specified as Wire Diameter x Overall Length.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
HR187-2762 0.070 x 1 1/16" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-6772 0.105 x 1 3/32" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-4772 0.120 x 1 5/16" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-7772 0.148 x 2" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-5762 0.188 x 2 7/8" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-3762 0.220 x 2 1/8" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-6762 0.250 x 2 1/2" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-9762 0.312 x 2 5/8" L S Hook, Zinc Plated
HR187-1762 0.375 x 3 1/4" L S Hook, Zinc Plated