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Quick Release Hose Clamps, All Stainless Steel

Hose Clamp, Quick Release

Worm-Drive Hose Clamps are used to fasten hoses and tubes to fittings and pipes. A captive screw tightens and releases the band. The only tool needed is a screwdriver or hex driver. Size is based on clamp diameter range and may also be specified as an SAE size. Standard series clamps meet or exceed SAE torque specifications, have 1/2" wide bands and 5/16" slotted hex head screws. Use Miniature series in confined spaces; they have 5/16" wide bands and 1/4" screws. Make custom hose clamps up to 16 ft in diameter with Create-A-Clamp. Partial stainless steel hose clamps have a plated screw and housing that offers fair corrosion resistance and a stainless steel band. All stainless steel types offer good corrosion resistance. Made by a domestic manufacturer, do not use these clamps with soft hoses, such as silicone, or exceed the recommended tightening torque. Also, select the correct hose clamp for the application. To determine the size needed, install the fitting, measure the outside diameter of the hose and choose a clamp that will accept that size in about the middle of its range.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
CM132-1003 2 1/16 - 12 5/16" Quick Release Hose Clamp #188, All Stainless Steel, USA
CM163-6123 1 7/8 - 20" Quick Release Hose Clamp #312, All Stainless Steel, USA