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Strap Toggle Bolts

Toggle Bolt, Strap

Also known as:  

Kap Toggle Anchors, Never-Drop Toggle Anchors, Toggle Bolt Anchors

Strap Toggle Bolts can be used in most hollow walls along with ceilings and floors. They are similar to regular toggle bolts but are installed without a screw. Instead, a small cap washer outside the wall and straps hold the metal channel in place so the channel won't fall inside the wall when you install or remove the screw (not supplied). The straps are cut to length after installation. Strap Toggle Bolts require a hole size that is smaller than comparable toggle bolts, yet they can be used with heavy loads.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
AN142-9233 3/16" Strap Toggle Bolts
AN142-0233 1/4" Strap Toggle Bolts