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Masonry Screw Anchor Assortments

Masonry Screw Anchor Assortment

Also known as:  

Anchor Kits, Wall Anchor Assortments, Wall Anchor Kits

Anchor Assortments are a convenient way to buy the most popular, premium quality anchors in smaller quantities and at a great price. Fully organized in a durable plastic storage box with hinged cover and positive snap latches, every assortment includes a content label to help you quickly locate the correct anchor and to simplify reordering of individual items. Click on an Anchor Assortment below to see a complete list of the contents along with a photo of the assortment.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
AS141107 Phillips Flat Head Concrete Screw Assortment, 12 Sizes, 160 pcs
AS141106 Slotted Hex Washer Head Concrete Screw Assortment, 12 Sizes, 160 pcs