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Conical Plastic Anchors

Conical Plastic Anchor

Also known as:  

Conical Anchors, Plastic Conical Screw Anchors, Plastic Plugs, Plastic Screw Anchors

For lightweight anchoring in concrete, hollow block and brick, solid brick and wallboard applications. Fins on the cone shaped body prevent Conical Plastic Anchors from turning when the wood or sheet metal screw (not supplied) is installed.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
AN157-2512 #6-#8 x 3/4" Conical Plastic Anchor (3/16" hole)
AN157-8512 #10-#12 x 1" Conical Plastic Anchor (1/4" hole)
AN157-0512 #14-#16 x 1 3/8" Conical Plastic Anchor (5/16" hole)