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Drop-In Anchors, Zinc Plated

Drop-In Anchor

Also known as:  

Multi-Set Anchors, Multipurpose Expansion Anchors

Designed for anchoring in concrete, Expansion Drop-In Anchors are internally machine screw threaded and have an expansion cone insert. A setting tool (required) sized to match the anchor drives the cone to expand the anchor inside the hole. Anchors with lips mount flush with the material's surface; if below the surface setting is desired, select an anchor without a lip. Use with cap screws, threaded rod, and other machine screw threaded fasteners. These shell type anchors can be used for overhead anchoring.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton Add to Basket
AN173-2853 3/8-16 Drop-In Anchor with Setting Tool, Zinc Plated (1/2" hole)
AN191-4132 5/8-11 Drop-In Anchor, Zinc Plated (7/8" hole)
AN191-5132 3/4-10 Drop-In Anchor, Zinc Plated (1" hole)