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Self Drilling Concrete Anchors

Concrete Anchor, Self Drilling

Also known as:  

Self Drilling Snap Off Anchors

Self Drilling Concrete Anchors have sharp cutting teeth that quickly drill accurate diameter and depth holes so there is no need to use carbide drill bits. Internal machine screw threads accept bolts, screws and threaded rod. An expander plug expands and secures the anchor inside the hole. To install, use the anchor as a drill bit and drill until the chuck head is flush with the concrete surface. Remove the anchor and clean the hole. Insert the expander plug in the anchor and expand the anchor by driving it into the hole until the chuck head is again flush with the concrete surface then snap off the cone. Self Drilling Concrete Anchors can be used overhead.

Code Product Qty. Package Qty. Carton  
AN147-1552 1/4" Self Drilling Concrete Anchor
AN147-4562 3/8" Self Drilling Concrete Anchor
AN147-0552 1/2" Self Drilling Concrete Anchor
AN147-5562 5/8" Self Drilling Concrete Anchor
AN147-3552 3/4" Self Drilling Concrete Anchor